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Monday, July 31, 2017


HAHAHA my last post was 2014?! My gosh how time flew by!
Back here again in the attempt to revive mia blog ;)

Quick update: Been REALLY busy lately! (like for the past 3 years? seems like it. HAHA)

But yeah, been REALLY busy. Adult-ing is hard. Can I stop? :( please.

Anyway, wanted to post about Walk With Faith Camp 2017!
But too bad, really can't seem to find the time. But promise I will write up on that!!
*cross my heart*

So adios for now, gotta go read some case file which I received TODAY and the case hearing is... *drum rolls* tomorrow!!
YASSS. Life is great (for avoidance of doubt, this is sarcasm).

Goodnight world~ zzZzz

Friday, August 29, 2014

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Please bear with me for this is a long post.
But if you’re free, do take the time to read it k!
(Researched more than I expected to do so I’m sharing it)

Firstly, I wouldn't have made the effort to actually read up on ALS or this campaign, so thank you Charlene for nominating me for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I won't be nominating anyone but whoever wants to join the cause in spreading awareness for ALS and to give moral support to the ALS patient can just do it. Donate if you are capable, otherwise just spreading the awareness will do good too!

Actually, I previously knew about the ALS disease from a series “Suits” – if you’re a fan, rewatch Season 1 Episode 4. (I’m sure most of my course mates watch this!) Anyway, I didn't want to do the challenge blindly so I did some extra reading on ALS and also on the campaign.

So here's a few things you should know: 
1) ALS is Lou Gehrig's Disease. Motor neurons degenerates and leads to body paralysis and people eventually die from it. The ice bucket of water is supposed to make you feel what the ALS patients feel i.e. tensed muscle to cause momentary immobility. What if it was permanent and you'll just one day die from being paralysed? How scary is that?

2) A 'whoa' finding: Did you know that ALSA's research involve using embryonic stem-cells (stem-cells from spinal cord of aborted foetuses)?! (Note: They claim to have move towards using adult and iPS cells now due to the ethical issues). Frankly speaking, this information made me feel rather conflicted because I support pro-life/ anti-abortion. I also feel that my catholic faith is being challenged here (the Church clearly prohibits abortion [Catechism of the Catholic Church: 2270-2275] BUT it's ok, there are alternative centres which conduct adult and non-embryonic stem-cells research and clinical trial for ALS patients. So I'm still going to donate for the ALS cause (just not to alsa.org)

Donations to alternatives centres:
-you may specify the donation to go to ALS Clinical Trial-
John Paul II Medical Research Institute
-donations specifically directed towards finding the ALS cure will be used for that cause-
-click on 'make a gift' on the left column-

Btw, I'm donating to Mayo Clinic to support its ongoing and next clinical trials for ALS patients. Seem to have positive results! :)

3) Donations to alsa.org supports the research for the ALS cure but even ALSA claims that only 27-28% of its funds go into the research. Most of the funds are used to pay salaries of people working at the ALSA. So think before you donate. Is your money really going to where it was suppose to go? Consider looking at the organisation's financial report and tax pay returns to help you make an informed decision.

4) There are non-drug alternatives for ALS treatment. Coconut oil, Deanna Protocol (nutritional protocol) and other natural approaches have shown favourable results with ALS disease. I think this information also need awareness spreading. Don't you?! 

5) So there’s been a lot of hate going on for this challenge due to people misusing it. Some criticism are warranted (e.g. doing the challenge for fame) but many others are not (e.g. wasting water or that it does not ACTUALLY help the ALS patient). Honestly, I felt a little agitated because people seem to be able to find fault with EVERYTHING and make a big deal out of it.

Some said “If you rly wanna care, don’t even bother to do the challenge and just donate.” Well sureeeee, cause money is all that matters right? =__=

You see, if you just donate silently, how is the awareness going to spread? The whole trending #ALS #icebucketchallenge going viral on social medias is what intrigues people to read up on it! But let’s say if one donates silently and shares abt it, surely someone will ‘rise to the occasion’ to criticise that too with “show off” or “snob” or whatever else they can come up with.

And for those who condemn the ice bucket challenge because certain persons abused the campaign, here’s what I have to say: “Do not blame the ‘instrument’. Blame the people who abuse it.” If you really want to criticise, at least point it in the right direction.

Also, I really disagree with the people who said that the ice bucket challenge does not in fact help the ALS patients. Because it does. Doing the challenge is for a cause and it help lift the patients’ spirits in knowing that the fight against the disease they have is being advocated to the world (it’s like shaving your head to show support for cancer patients – so why the double standards?). Maybe you’ve never been so sick before, but it’s scary. Moral support can do wonders to comfort and encourage, even if it comes from strangers.

To all you haters out there: 
Haters gonna hate! (Potatoes gonna potate!) But don’t spread the hate please..

Here are some links that are worth visiting:

P/S: Pardon my sort of ‘formal’ writing. I’ve been spending much of my time on law assignments. The writing style seems to have become a habit. Please don’t label me as ‘boring’! T__T (hahaha)

Disclaimer: All content provided in this blog post is for informational purposes only. The author makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information given or found by following any link in the post. The author will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability of this information and will not be liable for any losses, injuries or damages from the display or use of this information.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Walk With Faith Camp 2014

photo cr: Helen Liow
After being involved with the CSS for so long and trying to realise the plans for a camp for at least 2 years, Walk With Faith Camp 2014 had finally come to an end! (Which also means all the plans for my term as President is also finally finished.)

At times, it feels so surreal that time flew by just like that.
Words is not enough to express my thanks to our Almighty God and to Jesus for never failing to answer my prayers and for giving us the grace to pull through and break through all the hurdles we encountered in the course of organising this camp. Truth be told, there had been a lot of problems - financials, speakers, venue, participations etc. We had quite a number of last minute pull outs from the camp and it was depressing! and it was quite hard (at least for me) to persuade people to join the camp :(
Maybe that was God's way of making me surrender the whole of the camp into His hands. And I am glad I did.

To those who prayed for us and for the camp, thank you so so much :)
Your prayers mattered. Please continue to pray for MMU CSS C.H.R.I.S.T that we may grow to be an active and closely bonded Catholic community in our university.

I want to take the chance to thank my committee as well for being so supportive of one another and for doing their job with all they've got.

Thumbs up for my VP, Andrew who really outdone himself as the Camp Coordinator! 
Job well done indeed! Now you can take that load of stress off your chest already! 
Thank you for stepping in while I was away on my internship during the last semester. 


I also thank my very the sporting Treasurer, Alister and his lovely assistant, Cecilia for being the game masters of the camp! They've put in a lot of thoughts in the games and surely it all paid off :) well done guys!! proud of you both! And salute Alister for letting the guys throw him into the sea and then burying him in the beach. Hahahahaha~ that makes one heck of a good memory for everyone! ;) 
(in your case, maybe just a 'memory')

**sorry Jonathan, can't find your close up pic*

Next up, well done to the Praise & Worship Team, esp Jonathan and Mandy who spent lots and I mean lots of time to practice the songs and to come up with the flow of the sessions. Good job guys! The sessions touched many hearts =) God was definitely dwelling with us then! And proud of you Mandy, for stepping up to the challenge of playing the keyboard for praise and worship!

Not forgetting to thank our very dear Jessica for putting food on the table for us during the whole camp! Esp breakfast~ haha.. nid to go 7-11 buy more food some more~! Everyone very hungry hor? lol =) Glad everything went well!
Semua happy tummy after a good meal.

Thanks to Kamini too for arranging and settling the transportation to the camp site and back to campus~ Even though u couldn't be with us on the day we set off to Port Dickson :) and yay to your awesome singing during mass!!! And and~~ for being the emcee and leading actions songs~~ Btw you never fail to make me laugh :D
you so adorable laaa~ kekeke

For those who couldn't make it to the camp, thank you too for all you've done~
Vanessa~ thank you for being such an efficient and wonderful Secretary! :D Am lucky to have you!!! Don't have to worry about your work one~ well done :)

Man~ Love you all laaaa! 

So back to the camp,
this camp in short is way beyond awesome :) Really really happy to have met with so many new people, to have the chance to hang out and get to know them!

Being a super senior now (it's sad really), I have so many cute and adorable juniors!!! Hahaha I would squish them if I could. Lololololol.. You guys are epicly awesome! cool! sporting! adorbs! cute! funny! cute! (wait, did I say that already?) haahaha~ Hope to see you youngsters (cheywa, actually I not very old oso baa :P) being more active in CSS ya!! Keep in touch yea~~ and all the best in your studies! Midterms coming dy~ take care of your health, drink more water! (No more Angels giving you extra 2 cups of water during meals edi.. hahaha...)

Lastly, to recap what touched me in the camp:
God never fails. Surrender to Him and let His will be done.
Everything will just fall into place :)
Step up and step out of your comfort zone.
The wonders that God can work through you is endless, only if you let Him!
Decide to change, and you will.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

pinnacles of 2013 ♥

The previous post on wrap-up not enough! haha~ here's a short highlight on my 2013~
Thank God for all the people who are in it and who made it such a memorable one =)
Truly blessed! ^^

[ ♥ ] Chinese New Year
first time CNY made it back in KK! so much bliss! :)

same flight with Jamster back to KK! what are the odds! pure coincidence!
such a happy meeting! ♥ miss yah Hamst! 

breakfast with lokyukians! oh my~ when can this happen again?
awesome morning with sang nyuk mian!
I rmb making fun of Derek haha, as he was so very the FAIR.
like Edward Cullen. lol~ 

and made it to Hopperilla's CNY open house!
haha, playing cards.. HEART ATTACK. lol~
it's not the games but the people that makes things fun? even if it's childish haha.
realised we no have big group photo D:
[ ♥ ] Home-made Anniversary Hi-Tea for the parents!
fun to do things once in awhile with the siblings! Feels like "Parents Trap" lol :D
romantic set up? hehehehehe...
the furry thing is actually from a winter jacket HAHAHA.
making do with whatever we can find around the house.
First attempt at making refrigerator cake! Strawberry and cream! :)
they said first is always the best. nuff said.
Dont think can remake this version ever again ):
[ ♥ ]  Taiwan Trip!
Blessed beyond words! The best overseas vacation ever!
Awesome food, cheap too! and SHOP till you DROP!
Wanna go back again~~ so much so much!
first dinner in Taiwan. their Japanese cuisine are the bomb!
Taiwanese rice taste so nice! The texture like Japanese rice!
gasp. so round... hahahaha. but happy life so whatevaaa :P
[ ♥ ] Random KL trip for shopping with the babes! :)

my chio Malaccan Besties 
short named- Charmanda
[ ♥ ] Blushie's Birthday! 
Satay Celup steamboat buffet haha :) tried out new place!
@ Chucuk-chucuk at Kota Laksamana

Pink Dolphin's memes! ;)
The things we make her do.. hahahaha :D
[ ♥ ] Mooting! (Both subject and Competition)
Mooting as a subject was great~ lots of up and downs but in the end, it was so worth it!
Thank you my dear leader for putting up with me... sorry I made u cry hahaha..
Thanks to my partner for having my back ;)
Urgh, mooting in BM was such a pain, had a bad lost I think.
but experiences that count right?

le group with the judges :)
partner in crime

apparently I scare her hahahaha :P dont la so stress! ><
[ ♥ ] Langkawi Trip! Our first trip together wooooot! can't wait for the next!
I will always remember the stoned Charmanda early in the morning.
and we shall never forget the taste of San Miguel! HAHAHA.

Met friends during our trip! Daniel and Jones from Australia! :)
Sad we couldn't get to know one another more though~
They seem pretty awesome ;)
 [ ♥ ] Genting Highlands!
It's been awhile since I went up to Genting!
but hate that 1day is too short and 2 days is too long a stay.
Nonetheless, enjoyable trip with the babes and le bro! :)
Finally got on the Cockscrew. How sad is that? haha.
But 3 times non-stop was too much.
Urgh the acid reflux. lucky din puke. was at the verge of it though.
Space Shot at night was omg. scream my heart out every time.

taken at Dinosaur Land hahaha.. thanks Manda for the braid! :)
 [ ♥ ] Miy Baybeh's 21st birthday!
2 Surprise plans! =)
Ambushed her at her own house haha.. which was.. kinda a failed...
but~ still touched righttt? XD
So glad to be able to plan things with ONe-nees again!
Missed them! =)

ONe Family  ♥ 

First Attempt of Green Tea Cheese Cake! (all because Miy wanted it ^^)
The cream cream too runny though, should add more gelatin next time!

thanks to all attendees who gave Miy the surprise!
hahaha, gosh the hustle to hide from her!
Not going back there ever again though.
We were wayyy too noisy that day. NO FACE AHHH~ haha

First photo with Pawwie after 3 years! :) haha, I shud make a before an after. Lol.
how much we've changed, and yet how little!
Thanks for being such a babi all the time! :) miss you!
 [ ♥ ] Drinking Session + Sleepover at Miy's!
oh dear God. it actually happened! drinking with le KK friends!
haha, though some of them drank 100plus and F&N only, it was fun!
Let's do this again please!!! This time we nid more ppl who drink ;)

I died that night. Shouldnt have ran up the stairs after vodka shots. lol.
Sorry about the bathroom Miy! I cleaned up but I dont think I did a good job hahahaha...
Oh and I'll never forget the epic drunk texting with my friend by 'someone'.. using my phone..
I would have really killed him the next day when I found out D:<

haih, so sad that we didn't take pic! all busy playing Devil's Deck~
or chunking down booze.
Took a pic after all the non-stayover-ers left. but well, no consensus to post it :P
So here's a pic:
Pawara's stoned face. This is the next day. Babi with a hangover.
It's funny hahaha. (this is payback for what you did to me!)
 [ ♥ ] Bloom Conference
First Actsperience! Thank you Miy for bring me to Acts Church =)
Learnt a lot there, and had my long awaited pray over too!

for Charity! :) Chocolate drink on the go! cute and pretty!

You are perfect in God's eyes because He created YOU! You are his masterpiece :)
You're beautiful and God wants you so don't ever let anyone take that away from you. 

Ex-Lokyukians! :) Good to see Andrea and Amanda after so long!
 [ ♥ ] Singapore Trip with Miy!
backpacking with Miy baybeh! haha many epic moments indeed! super enjoyed! =) ♥
BFFs! ^^
Finally met Yihan Kor for the first time!! Thank you and Joanne for such hospitality!
♥ truly made our Singapore stay awesome! 
Met Xuan for the first time too! So lucky that he got to book out that weekend!
Woooot! After so many years! :) Maple buddies forevaa!
oh, and met JX again! haha last we meet we were so different!
and din get to hang last time so.. :D HAIIII ! thanks for accompanying us during our stay~

 [ ♥ ] Meet-up with Karine!
She couldn't make it back for Raya and there I thought I wont be able to see her in 2013 :(
But October came and tadaaaa~ ♥ muacks baybeh! Miss you so much!

Sleep overs at Karine's! Bean Boozeled! OMG.
Flavours to avoid at all cost: Rotten Egg and Barf

♥ miss you Baybeh! Hope u're doing well in UK!
Keep in touch ehhhh~

and then Miy joined in the next date... and this happens. Kena bully!
They both dissing me Lol. but I'll let it slip since I love them :P 
 [ ♥ ] Halloween at Mixx!
First time dress up for halloween! hahaha omg, the time we wasted on hunting for face paint/ creating our own. My housemates would agree. In the end, found in Jusco lololool. all those hours experimenting with recipes... what a waste! D: Nonetheless, not gonna go clubbing during events dy. SO CRAM omg.

 [ ♥ ] Miy & Karine in Melaka!
Group photo! with Jessie and Janice too :) They're meiyong's friends from IMU~
met them from Acts Chuch!

BFF! Love this piccha! 

Tried my first Grasshopper at Alto Skylounge, Hatten Hotel.
Mehh. dun like it LOL. Dun think it was mixed well :(

awesome night view of Malacca city :)
had a mocktail showered on me while at Alto. Haiz, waitress behsong me maybe.
haha, whateverrr. Crashed at Karine's that night! =) Hatten Hotel is naiseeeee~

 [ ♥ ] Charlene's 22nd Birthday Celebration :)
blueberry cheese tart cake haha =) made by Amanda! assisted by mua ;) and Emily~

Custard tarts! yumms!

18 different flavoured cheese tarts!
Greentea, black sesame, seaweed, curry, strawberry, banana, chocolate, sambal,
peanut butter, oats, cough medicine (serious), chinese spices, rose, garlic, ginger..
etc.. forgot the others haha..

awwww~ Char being awkward and shy :D

Group photo! Thanks for all who came! :)
hahaha, sorry to the waiter lol, he waited so long while we figure out the instax cam! XD
After party at Eleven-Bar! :) great time! Got 2 free jugs and 1 free bucket.
Din get to finish the bucket though hahaha.. too late edi~
Next day went church feeling a tad bit high (LOL), me and Feli cant stop talking hahahahaha.

 [ ♥ ] BBQ at Pantai Puteri~
(BBQ is an annual tradition! random, it's not rly true hahaha)
haha, not rly a fan of beaches (sunburn, sand bugs etc D:)
but like to go there once in a blue moon la ^^
Last few years in Melaka had BBQ with CSS =) This year with coursemates!
ahh~ I miss KK beach!

 [ ♥ ] Christmas in Guangzhou!
A random last minute trip! Joined le family in Guangzhou! HAHA.. first time travel overseas alone!
=) The night before ciao was crazehhhh. Never again lol. almost missed my bus too!
But it was so fun! Eleven-Bar is the official hang out spot LOL.

they actually have Vodka Towers! haha, beer better though lol.

Freezing cold in Guangzhou! love me scarf! finally got to use it ^^

Blessed merry Christmas from my family to all of you! :)
Guangzhou turned out to be unexpected (not in such a good way)
Nonetheless, being able to spend time with my family was a blessing beyond words =)
Thank you mummy and daddy! :D

Highlight of Guangzhou: Chimelong International Circus! First time sit most front row! ;)
could have froze to death hahaha. so happy when the opening involved fire!

Who said elephants can't go clubbing? hahahaha

so pro wheyy.
Though sometimes I wonder if this amounts to animal abuse :(
But the elephant smirked though! haha seemed like it enjoyed itself =)

Basically, that a (wayy) elaborated 2013 for me =)
Thanks for reading! :D
This post took longer than expected haha~
God bless and have a great 2014 ahead!
Whatever trials that should come our way, let's embrace and overcome!
Cheers to a colourful new chapter in life =) ♥